Monday, December 13, 2010

Bear Clause and the Eight Tiny Shelties

Many of you remember that last year was an economically hard Christmas for everyone and it was equally so at the North Pole.  There were layoffs both Elf and Deer---it did seem to straighten itself out for a bit and things seemed to return to normal with some prompt rehirings as funding became available

You see, Toyota heard of the North Pole’s troubles and thought it would be good publicity for them to fund this year’s Santa trip around the world—after all, Santa GOOOOOD, no Christmas, BAAAAAAD.

And to seal the deal Santa was presented a brand new flashy Hundyai by Toyota. Why?  Er…..because they can?

And there began the trouble---Santa can’t drive.  Not even the sleigh—no a vehicle of any kind.  His drivers are reindeer and Donner heads the team.

But Santa was thrilled with his new aquistion and took it out for a spin despite desperate pleas from Mrs. Clause and Sebastian Elf, Mrs Clause’s assistant.

So off he went, barreling down a steep slope—right over the reindeer clauseway—tearing up the ice as 65 plus miles an hour—zooming straight into Elfington—ho ho hoing his way down that slope and right into the Kringle Kandy Shop where he was hurled out of the car upon impact and impaled in the ass by a very important looking candy cane addressed to the president of Toyota.

OK, I have to say it:  This did not sit well with the residents of Elfington.  There was NO WAY that Santa was going to heal up in time

Toyota was not worrying—they still had their positive PR and besides, the fat old elf was driving a Huyndai.  Those guys sure are brilliant, aren’t they?

Now, in the North Pole, there is hardly any medicine at all. Up there it’s all elves and reindeer and each species has its own ways of healing.

That jolly old fat man—is not an elf.  He is in fact a jolly old fat man who was out on a drunk when he was picked up and taken to the North Pole and the built by the elves and given Mrs Clause and a nice warm home and lots of cookies and milk.

So the elves did not know exactly how to fix Santa’s peppermint scented bum so they extracted the candy cane and left the healing to Santa’s Wife’s assistant, Sebastian, who  really only knew how to do ONE thing: he spent the afternoon sponging Santa’s bottom down with warm milk.   As soon as that was done he constructed a cast, yes a cast, out of oatmeal cookies and told Santa to lay in bed and rest and to stay AWAY from the reindeer as reindeer really enjoy oatmeal cookies.

Well, we are talking about a demented old man who never listens to anyone and off he goes to address his troops, the reindeer.  They are going to ride through this together –friends to the end!

Well, they ate his pants. Then they ate his cookie cast. Then they ate his shirt and his hat and would have eaten him if  old elf crumbwell hadn’t reached in that corral and pulled him out and returned him to his home and his bed.

Now that was the last that I heard of the incident until yesterday.

I was over a the inworldz Christmas display talking to Bebe and admiring her Mooville display and turned and started heading back to mine which was, for some inexplicable reason, a gas station.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear but a tiny red sleigh and eight tiny rein……shelties.

Shetland Sheepdogs, eight of them and a little puppie with a really bright red nose.

There was a polar bear driving the sleigh and so the moral of this tale is:

Put away them milk and cookies boys and girls and break out the salmon cause Bear Clause is comin’ to town!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Farewell Steelheart Village

This coming Wednesday, in Second Life, Something will happen that I consider important and you may not.

Bebelou Naidoo and I are shutting down our operation of Steelheart Village.

It was the best place you never visited and let me tell you that I wish that you had.

Steelheart was the first project where Bebe and I worked together as business associates and we had a darn good time doing it.  She suddenly decided that she was going to have a village and foster a community and I just nodded and smiled and because she was doing it I knew that I was going to be involved.  Bebe has very good ideas and she is good at making those ideas spring to life.

So she bought her land in Kirkoswald  and I grabbed anything surrounding her and we built a village.  

I read Bebe’s comments and I don’t think I could write anything more eloquent so I will just hit some high points:

     1. Bebe Dropped a house on a neighbor while helping set up my studio.
  1. I opened a Gallery called Wolf Island Studios which became listed as a Linden place to visit.
  2. Bebe sets loose a reign of tornadoes on the village the likes of which I have never seen.
  3. She  contracts and hires a builder and suddenly our land starts turning into a village--with people!
  4. She builds lakes
  5. She builds an ice skating ring
  6. I built a sand box
  7. She organized a holiday market where we met Khan the texture guy
  8. I opened the Black Kitty Pub
  9. We meet Serene and Brenden who organize the pub in to an English Folk Club which becomes very successful
  10. She is the queen of Terraforming--the village is constantly changing.
  11. She brings in Hunts
  12. I do a series on Hunt History at Wolf Island Studios
  13. She installs and Arcade and a movie theatre
  14. Bebe opens the Gadgeteria and sells Profile Sniffies a the Sit N Win tables. 
Yes, good times were indeed had.
    So  I stroll down the path one last time to say goodbye to a fine old English Pub and its revelers, to say goodbye to the villagers and group members who took the chance on us, I have to regrets—only something wonderful to look forward to and something equally wonderful to look back upon.

    Goodbye, Steelheart, its time to sleep.