Thursday, November 3, 2011

OK, This Has Got To Stop

I keep telling myself to leave Herman Cain alone. The man is entitled to his opinion and he obviously has an excellent track record when it comes to running a company (Burger King and Godfather’s). In one of my more recent posts, I sent a clear message that I did not like his politics and that I did not think that he was competent to be handed the keys to the buttons that would spell nuclear doom for the entire world.

Folks, I am trying. I am really trying to cut this guy a break but every time I turn on the television, read a paper, pop onto the Internet there he is.  “It’s always something” as the SNL character Roseanne Roseannadanna would say. “It’s always something”.

Today, Herman Cain says (and I am paraphrasing here) that if China starts developing nuclear capability then we must move to prevent that from happening. Herman, China became a nuclear power in 1964!  Did you think that we would not notice this most recent foray into the superior demonstration of your foreign expertise?

Additionally Mr. Cain’s staff has given him a cheat list of names of world leaders to memorize and which are the good guys and which are the bad guys.

His two instances of allegations of sexual harassment have now changed to three.

And here is the coup de grace:

Herman Cain "appears" to be in favor of the banning of abortion. Well to some that is not a bad thing; to some it’s a horrendous thing but Mr. Cain goes a step further and declares that he is for the total banning of abortion: that means that if you are a woman and you are raped and you become pregnant, you must keep the baby or give it up for adoption or whatever but you cannot abort the child.   If you elect to give up the child for adoption, then you or your attorney must acquire consent from the rapist. Ask any adoption attorney.

According to CBS news Mr. Cain, when pressed as to what an extreme circumstance was and would that include rape and incest Cain insisted and I quote: "I do not have exceptions. No I do not. I am pro-life from conception."

When he was on CNN’s Piers Morgan two weeks earlier and I heard him say this on the television that abortion was best left up to the decision of the woman and her family.

Now, in principal this concept of a total abortion ban that Mr. Cain puts forth seems very sound except that there is that whole irritating subject of the law and parent’s rights.  You see, dear reader, if the child is born and there is an identified mother and a father, the courts are hesitant to bastardize the child which means that the rapist would be obligated to pay child support as the legal and biological father (this is certainly a good thing).  However compounding the issue is the pre-supposition that the rapist, as father, now has parental rights.  He will be able to move in and out of his victim’s life at will.  Her life will be his whim. The whole point of rape is power and control over the victim.  To me, a rapist’s parental rights is not only a travesty and an affront to the legal system of this country but it’s also a continuation of the rape as a mental process because the perpetrator can now exercise power and influence over his victim’s life and the life of their child.

Herman Cain, is it too much to ask that you think before you speak? There are some of us out here that you are scaring.  Your attitude toward the American people is, at best, contemptuous and cavalier. You leave the impression that you simply do not care about anything except winning a nomination and these loose cannon comments that you make in all of your best political sincerity illustrate to us the American People that your reckless insensitivity borders on bringing this population closer to the brink of disparity.

Right now this country is looking for its leader and it’s looking for its voice and if it’s not too much of a strain for you folks (democrats and republicans alike) this country would like its pride and dignity back.  No one wants to march and protest and cry out that the world is not fair.

Quite scaring us with your quips and your contempt; it’s obvious that you are not ready to tackle the subject of abortion. Play it safe and leave the real issues to the big boys.

However, again to be fair, Condoleeza Rice said yesterday that when you ascend to the presidency that it is a sobering and overwhelming experience when you first step into the oval office and realize that all those things that you said you would do has to be aligned with the truths and the hard realities that come with being the leader of the free world.  Maybe being president will calm you down. Then again, maybe it will send you over the edge…

I’m just sayin’…

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